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  • Developing, Writing, Casting, Scouting, Prepping, Shooting, Wrapping, Post, and Delivery ...

  • Specializing in indie features, television, pick-ups, re-shoots, additional photography, 2nd units, action units, inserts, and much more ...

  • Budgets, Boards, and Breakdowns - Order Now - detailed and industry standard

  • Utilize a world class creative and technical labor force in the largest filmmaking market on the planet

  • Maximize your money and take advantage of cost effective long-standing vendor relationships

  • Indie-friendly with a solid track record of well-crafted movies, on time and on the dime - fully bondable

  •  Director's Guild of America member in good standing and established Guild and Union relationships

  • Immediate access to independent filmmakers community and guidance by a Hollywood pro – take the guess work out of it

  • Locations, stage, and practical field location operations

  • Experienced filmmaker employing economic and efficient movie making management for an effective final product, you're covered

  • Production office space and equipment, turnkey operations, forms, contracts, more ... plug and go

  • Plenty of generous cost offsets producing viable alternatives and incentives to runaway production in Hollwood

  • Get out of development hell and into production heaven with generous savings/epic locations/unlimited support  

  • Studio Support for the indie filmmaking community – domestically and internationally

  • New York, Ukraine, Arkansas, Sri Lanka, Nevada, Philippines, New Mexico*, Lithuania, Louisianna and more...

  • Keynote speaker - Speaker series host for festivals, film schools, production workshops and more


* New Mexico rebateable



-producer, facilitator, creator-

Starting with production office space conveniently located to Hollywood and downtown LA, the Hollywood Film Office is here to help navigate the local economy while providing professional filmmaking standards and production services on a variety of international and domestic projects. HFO is on the lot at Occidentals Studios - the oldest, continuously operating film plant in Hollywood.  An original silent film studio where fiercely independent Mary Pickford reported to work with Adolph Zuokor who started Parmount with Jesse Lasky. 


Shooting Hollywood practical locations vary from seaside to mountains, to modern buildings and urban environments. Cheat-it for France or Germany or San Francisco or Washington D.C., London or NYC and on and on. The climate, the backdrop and ability to have a myriad of ‘looks’ is what makes Hollywood the best place in the world to make independent movies.  


Making motion pictures in Southern California is monumentally easier, much more convenient  - and  now, once again, affordable with the help of the Hollywood Film Office! Another brilliant aspect of HFO and Occidental’s affiliation is the ability to provide immediate production services on Re-Shoots, Pick-Ups, Inserts, Additional Photography, Action Units, Second Units – plenty of room to shoot, standing by...


Budgeting, Script Breakdown & Shooting Schedule


Complete budgeting, script breakdown and scheduling services available for all types and sizes and all genres of projects anywhere in the world. Expertly detailed, industry standard production budget, shooting schedule and formatted lined & locked script properly produced.








You'll be given a detailed budget and board to incorporate seamlessly and importantly into your current business plan resluting in a professional and robust motion picture presentation geared toward funding prospects.


Turnaround is 7-10 days depending on workload and detail. Quick turn-around – rush services are available. 

Sliding scale/negotiable - for a tailored quote, please contact me directly.




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